Our mission

Our mission is to establish and maintain a management structure that ensures the integrity of your building in compliance with regulations, rigorous management of finances, projects and assets, while ensuring the harmony of residents and a healthy environment.

Management of condominiums

We take care of the complete or partial management of your building. We are able to assure you reliable administration and the harmony of residents. This due in part to a transparent financial management, respect of the budget and maintenance of the integrity of the building structure.

Management of income properties

Management that aims to increase your investment! To do so, we rely on the quality of the tenants, the maintenance of the building and your priorities.

Emergency service

We are committed to providing you with peace of mind. In doing so, we offer reliable emergency service that allows us to handle any incidents that may arise, in addition to our regular assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Project management

Our teams combined experience and expertise is at your disposal.  We respect all objectives and budgets while fulfilling the contract.

Our team

Our team is comprised of devoted professionals. We understand the need for continuous learning and make sure to stay up to date with any new developments.
General Manager & administrative manager

Wilma Machado

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Operational Manager

Julio Hernandez

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Assistant Manager

Sabrina Gagnon

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Good to know!

Currently looking for new information to update our management! We’ll be proud to share with you!
Preventing water damage in your basement
Water damage caused by plumbing fixtures You should check the following components and fixtures in your plumbing system: Main water supplyAs soon as you see…
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Co-ownership insurers decreased from eleven to six in quebec
Just 10 years ago, Quebec co-ownerships could count on 11 insurers. Since then, there are only 6. Of these, only two or three cover buildings…
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Condo life
Buying a condo is not like buying a bungalow or a “plex”. We must know why we want to live in co-ownership, assume that the…
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Event affecting the integrity of the building or the safety of the occupants (fire, theft, etc.). Safety first: call 911 and contact us at 514-312-1442 afterwards.

Download the app

UpperBee is a mobile application that allows you to stay in contact with your co-property at all times. On this application, you can access all the important memos, contact us, browse the by-laws of your co-property, search important dates and more.