The safest way to never pay late!

When you are registered for Pre-Authorized Payment, the amount of your common charges are automatically debited from your bank account on the 1st day of the month.

It is possible to make the payments of your reoccurring charges through direct debit by completing a form with a sample cheque. Send your request to

Payments by cheque: payments must be made under the name of the Union and sent by mail to the following address: 825 avenue Querbes, Suite 206, Outremont, Québec, H2V 3X1.

It is important to keep us informed of any changes!

Send us your new contact information by e-mail at, indicating at all times the name and address of the union and your unit number.

Most declarations of co-ownership expect that any co-owner wishing to undertake work (to their exclusive parts), other than that relating to maintenance, must request authorization from the board of directors, and in some cases from the general co-owners assembly.

To ensure the compliance of your work and renovations, please complete the “WORK & RENOVATIONS FORM“.

It is imperative to send us a copy of the contractor’s liability insurance.

CAUTION: Work carried out in a private area without authorization by either the board of directors or by the assembly of co-owners, may be sanctioned. Their dismantling could be ordered by the court, as well as the return of the premises in their original state, at the expenses of the concerned co-owner.