Sabrina Gagnon

Gestionnaire adjointe
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A trained Mechanic, Sabrina joins the team with a clear vision and meticulous advice.

Her interest in building management increased when she became the owner of a unit in a condominium syndicate, which led her to take a course in condominium management. The addition of Sabrina Gagnon’s knowledge and presences makes her an essential support to our team.

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Julio Hernandez

Gestionnaire opérationnel
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An entrepreneur since 1998, his experience in various aspect in the real estate sector has given him a vast knowledge in the management of building maintenance and upkeep.

Over the years, Julio Hernandez has been directly involved in the renovation and maintenance of buildings as a general contractor. His global vision of the design and functioning of the building makes him an asset to our team and services.

He has an unsurpassable commitment as a partner and operational manager.

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Wilma Machado

Directrice générale & gestionnaire administrative
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Passionate for real estate, Wilma Machado, has built her knowledge through her various training and nine years of experience in real estate management. Renowned for her dynamism, she offers a personalized approach to her clients.

Her extensive knowledge of condo management as well as rental management allows her team to provide reliable advice based on continuous research.

Wilma Machado is also a co-owner real estate investor, which enables her to project herself into all aspects of management, as a director,…

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